Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to Quilty Things

I'm still working on A.  There are a lot of words in this block which is what takes the most time to stitch...the smaller the motif being embroidered, the smaller the stitches, the more time it takes.

For now I'll post a picture of quilt I intended to finish this past August but didn't for reasons I'll explain.

This quilt is called Aunt Bea's Parlor by Black Cat Creations.  I LOVED making these blocks!  They went so fast I was able to do about two a day when I really stuck with them. 

This past August I went to our local guild's annual quilt retreat determined to finish this quilt.  All the border triangles were cut and ready to go.  I had my iron and portable mat and ironing pad (the Olfa one with the handles) with me.  I get the first triangle border on and pressed.  All is well until I am adding the next border and I notice black smudges on the white triangles.  Somehow I managed to melt some of the nylon handle into the white triangles.  In disgust I put it away and now it's January and the quilt still isn't finished. 

Sigh...I need to dig through my scraps and look for the white I used.  I have lots of white fabric on the shelves but you'd be surprised how many shades of white there are in the stores.  So dig I must to find the "right" white...insert more sighs.

Wish me luck.


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Oh sorry abt the handle ruining the border! I would've been really bummed too!~ good thing it didn't get on the embroidery! I have that pattern but haven't started it yet. One of these days... I just love it! I know what you mean about different whites too!~ I have started writing where it came from on the selvage so I know my whites apart. ;-) LOL

Monica said...

Great idea! Why didn't I think of that? Duh...

Darlene said...

Be still my heart - I love, love, love this one, Monica.