Monday, January 11, 2010

Snowman Quilt

O is done now and I've started on A which is a larger block.  This is a really fun project.  As I work on it I'm trying to decide if I'll put it together like the pattern calls for or do something different.  I'm leaning towards something different.


bingo~bonnie said...

wow, your blocks are so pretty - I love all the soft colorful threads that you have chosen to use to bring your snowmen to life! And I love that you are going to work on them all year ;)

Thanks for sharing your progress so we can follow along!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Thank you for becoming a follower to my blog. :-) I love your snowmen too! Very cute!
Happy Stitchin'!

Monica said...

Thank you ladies. I'm having a great time making them and am dying to get them all done. There aren't enough hours in the day for everything I want to get done.

*must not let my ADD get in the way*