Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm a Little ADD

A little?  More like A LOT!

There are so many things in life I want to do that I get distracted very a kid in a candy store.

Instead of working on my diamond quilt or the bajillion othere projects I need to be working on, I've been working on this little gem since Friday.  Kaaren at The Painted Quilt posted this cute embroidery freebie.  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  She did it in bluework and redwork.  Mine, I decided, needed to be in color.  This morning I added the squares.  Next up, quilting it.

P.S.  I got distracted last night and made eight jars of strawberry-lemon marmalade, three jars of apple butter, and one jar of pear butter.  Gahhhh!


Annette said...

Your little snowman is adorable!! I love your interpretation of the pattern. Awesome!

Rita said...

Monica, I saw your snowman quilt over at Kaaren's blog...I just want to say..I love it! The colors are wonderful. Terrific job!

Monica said...

Thank you ladies! I wished the colors in the photo had showed up better. They're really rich, folk arty colors - DMC 310, 311, 680, 731, 734, 815, 920, 938, 3721, 3808, and 3834.

Janet said...

A lovely distraction! I sometimes do that when I am procrastinating. Like I am now. I need to sandwich my quilt, but I'm not sure how I want to quilt it, so I am on the computer instead. I don't know how you blogging/quilting people get so much done. I spend way too much time reading other peoples quilting. lol I am already working on redwork snowmen for a wall hanging so I just printed Kaaren's design. It is very cute. I may do it like yours as I'm sure I'll be redworked out when I get these others done. You are a new blog for me as I saw your work on Kaarens. Another one to read. lol Thanks.