Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have the BESTEST friend!

Look what my friend Donna knitted for me!

I am soooo loving it!  One because us Texans (native and registered) have been freezing our buns off lately and two because it matches the new Calvin Klein jacket I bought recently.  Donna really is the best! 

I told DH last night I want to teach myself to knit.  And get this...he told me I wasn't allowed! LOL (like that'd stop me).  He said I have too many UFO's and I need to work on finishing them before I start something new...pfft!  As if.  Men!  They just don't understand.

I'm still working on the A block but I put it down last night to work on the Diamonds quilt.  The diamonds are almost all put together and then I can put the borders on and quilt it.  I'll wait to show a pic until the top is completed.  I am really excited about how it has turned out.  It has been super easy to make.  The only thing I've had to do is make a few more blocks to change out a few that just weren't working colorwise.  I'm sure when all is said and done there'll still be a block or two that don't completely satisfy me but c'est la vie.  I could mess with the thing forever but I'm not gonna let myself. 

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