Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Day, Another Quilt

To support my fabric addiction, I teach quilting for one of the local quilt shop. Early this week I went in and discussed new classes with the shop owner. We selected a couple repeat classes that I've taught before, Portobello Market and Winner's Bouquet. They are fun quilts to make that are easier than they look. We also settled on a couple new classes, a french braid tree skirt and Double Circle using the Wonder Arc.

There is also a third class that I am really excited about. My Tea Party quilt is going to be offered at the shop as a Block of the Month and I am going to teach a one day Embroidery Primer class followed by hosting a monthly bee.

Here are the fabrics I have selected for Double Circle.

While I was at the shop today, I was asked to make another Portobello Market using reproduction prints. Because I love this quilt pattern so much I happily agreed. After I complete the Double Circle quilt, I'll start working on it. I can't wait!

On a side not, I haven't completed my friend's embroidery blocks but I'm getting there. Luckily I have till the beginning of October to complete them. I tell ya, there are just not enough hours in the day to complete all the projects I'd like to.

If you're ready this Donna, I'm working my little fingers to the bone for ya. *wink*

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