Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What have I been doing?

During the seven days without air conditioning I started a Cathedral Window tablerunner. 
I made it in the traditional method...only with a machine.  This way was sooooo much
easier and quicker.  If all goes well I really want to make a bed size quilt next.

Once our air conditioning was back I completed the bonus quilt for
Kansas Troubles' Bird's Eye View BOM for the shop.

I also worked on a UFO from 2006.  The center could've been better
pieced but that's life.  Done is better than not done.

Over the weekend I made four sets of owl pot holders from the pattern Hot Who! by Susie C Shore Designs.  To finish them I just need to hand sew the openings at the bottom
closed and do a little stitch in the ditch quilting on them.

And finally...today I started my Lollipop Trees quilt!  I've been wanting to start on this quilt FOREVER but could never find the time.  I'm happy to report that I have one whole block prepped...LOL. 
For the background I'm using a BasicGrey Basics fabric. 

Unfortunately I only have enough for 10 blocks and there are sixteen in this quilt.  I tried searching online
for the fabric but it is so old now that I'm pretting confident that I'll never find it.  So I am either going
to make a small four block wallhanging or try and find some other fabrics to coordinate with it.


I found selecting the fabrics extremely stressful and I'm not sure why.  The only fabric I'm unsure
about is the purple flowers at the bottom.  Hubby says the block is perfect.  Before I start
appliqueing it, do you think there's any fabric I should change out?

Well that's all I have for now.   I'm leaving for our guild's annual quilt retreat on Thursday. 
Tomorrow I'm going to try and prep a couple more blocks to take with me. 

Type at ya soon...


Lynette said...

NO don't change anything out. :D It looks fantastic. I love the lollipop quilt - hope you can find more of that background fabric, 'cause it's really neat.

Darlene said...

I think we might be going to the same retreat! I'll see you there. LOL

There's a package heading your way - hope it arrives before you leave town. :-)

Heartsdesire said...

The Lollipop Tree block is lovely just the way it is, and the owl pot holders are way to cute.

Jan said...

Wonderful projects!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Delightful projects...and those owls...they are a hoot!

:) Carolyn

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow! You have been busy! Love all your projects and don't see anything wrong with the 2006 block~ looks fantastic! Your tree block is adorable, don't change a thing! Have a happy time at retreat!

Jenny said...

Your block looks PERFECT! The purple flowers at the bottom are a perfect balance to the big purple w/red dots petals at the top of the stem.

And your owls are too cute!

Dolores said...

Have you tried missingfabric.com for more of the basic grey?

Anonymous said...

Your husband is right, the block is perfect. You have to remember two things: 1) We are our own harshest critics. Women 100 yrs ago didn't have the options we have and look how beautiful their quilts are, and 2)when the quilt is done your eyes won't see individual blocks, but the quilt as a whole and all the lovely colors will look breathtaking. ROCK ON!!! You are doing great!!!