Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Progress on my Vintage Halloween Quilt

Do you ever do so much handwork that your hands and fingers ache?  I sure do. 

Slowly but surely I'm getting there.  I've completed only two blocks so far but have a third halfway there.  I thought that center block was going to be the end of me.  In the picture below you can see why it took me so long.  The amount of fill stitches was insane!  I never thought I was going to finish it but I'm glad its done and out of the way. 

The little pumpkin all by itself took maybe a day to do.  Really, the thing that takes the longest is all the outline stitching.  I'm getting tired of looking at black thread...need more COLOR.  Hopefully I'll have another one to show off this weekend.  My goal is to have all the blocks done by June.  Wish me luck.

On a related topic, I've been doing so much embroidery the last several months that I have started experiencing a constant ache and weakness in my hand right below the thumb. But the good news is I found something at the Dallas quilt show recently that has helped relieve some of the achiness.

These little gloves are super comfortable and a must have for anyone that suffers with achy hands.  Whenever my hands feel a little sore, I put them on and by the time I'm ready to put my handwork down the pain is almost unnoticable. 

I'm telling you!  These gloves are fantastic!  I saw them the other day at JoAnn's for anyone interested in checking them out.


Darlene said...

Very cute embroidered blocks. I can see how the center block could have driven you insane - that's alot of stitching.

Kaaren said...

Love your vintage Halloween quilt. It's certainly not one that's going to be finished in a week.

I have a pair of gloves similar to the ones you've shown that I used to use when I painted fine detail for long periods of time. They do help.

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

Is that Crabapple Hill's? If so I LOVE it with bits of color, the girls around here only did it in black.......what a change! Cyndi

Karen said...

I was just looking at the Halloween design with all the fill-in stitches about 15 minutes ago. You did a very good stitching job on that block!