Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picture Time!

Well...I've started to make a small dent today in photographing my quilts and tops today.  As you can see though, I've barely made a dent and these aren't all of them.  I have others throughout the house.  I hope I'm not the only one with oodles and oodles of quilts and tops everywhere.

Enough talking...time for some show and tell!  Here's Sweet Tea finally pieced together.  I am so in love with this quilt.  And talk about easy!  I have the backing and binding all picked out but for right now its going to sit because I can't decide how I want it quilted.  I'm torn between having DH do an all over design or sending to someone for custom quilting.  Thoughts?

Right after I completed Sweet Tea, I made this little gem!  The oringal pattern is called French Roses.  I made the blocks as shown in the pattern but completely changed everything else.  First, I used a Fresh Cotton Layer Cake and nine 1/2 yards instead of the orignal 5 fabrics.  In the construction, the orignal pattern had you cutting out all the pieces and then sewing and layering one on top of another without cutting out the backs. Instead I cut out the backs each time thus being able to use less fabric while having more variety than the original.  The original quilt was was horizontal blocks with a simple border which I thought was kinda blah so I decided I wanted it on point.  At first I though I would just sash the blocks on point when I had another idea which is what you see now.  The setting blocks should look familiar because they are from the Sweet Tea Pattern.  It just so happened that both patterns had the same finished size blocks so was perfect.  So I cut up my leftovers and the result is what you see.

Lastly, here's my bluebonnet diamonds quilt on the longarm.  DH is a bit behind scheduled as he's working nights for a few weeks.  I may have to call in a friend to finish it for me soon.  I'll show you a better picture once its off the frame.

I'm off now to take some more photos.  Be back soon!


Darlene said...

I LOVE your Sweet Tea quilt - need to get busy on mine. I have 30's strips cut and ready to go just can't decide on the background (white or pale yellow) any thoughts? :-)

The changes you made to French Roses are great, Monica.

Bluebonnets Diamonds leaves me in awe!

Barb said...

I loved your picture time...the quilts are just wonderful!!