Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An AWESOME find...

...for those of you who like to English paper piece.
Several years ago Bonnie Hunter has blogged about buying a hexagon paper punch she had found in a craft store and how fabulous it was.  Right then and there I knew I wanted one.  Not enough to go online and buy one but enough to comb the scrapbooking aisles of every craft store I went into to find one.  I'd always find lots of punches but never hexagon ones.  This hexagon punch had become my unicorn...a myth that people hear about but never see.
Well...while roaming the aisles of JoAnn's the other day, I FINALLY found what I had been searching for all these years...and not just one but THREE! 
X-Large = 1" hexagon
Large = 3/4" hexagon (the one I use most)

and the Medium = 1/2" hexagon
Pretty fabulous...right?!  Never more will I have to order least in these sizes.  When I got home I did a little math to figure out what kind I'll be saving cost wise.
I used coupons to buy all three:
  • X-Large retails for $ it for $10.79
  • Large retails for $ it for $8.99
  • Medium retails for $ it for $6.59

Now onto the saving for the pieces themselves.  I compare the prices of what it would cost me to buy them from a manufacturer/retailer versus using a 250 sheet ream of 65 lb. paper that costs $15.99 from WalMart.

  • 1 ream makes 5,000 pieces = Total $15.99
  • 4 pkgs of 1000 @ $35.00 each + 2 pkgs of 100 @ $3.50 each = Total $147

  • 1 ream makes 8750 pieces = Total $15.99
  • 5 pkgs of 1500 pieces @$35.00 each + 1 pkgs of 750 @ $19.00 + 4 pkg at $3.50 8,750  = Total $206
  • 1 ream makes 20,000 pieces = Total $15.99
  • 13 pkgs of 1500 pieces @ $35.00 each + 2 pkgs of 250 @ $3.50 each makes 20,000 = Total $462

One last thing...on top of all those savings, the punches have a lifetime warranty so save that receipt in case you ever need to get a replacement. 

A pretty awesome and thrifty deal if you ask me. 

Now I'm off to go do some EPP!

Till next time...


Strlady said...

That looks interesting.
How do you use it? You are going to do a show and tell, right?
Hope you are enjoying Florida!

Brandie said...

I know where I'll going tomorrow! Hopefully our Joann's will have at least one of those.
I'm so excited!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the heads up...I just went over and ordered the 2", 1.5" and the 1" punch...they did not have the 1/2" or I would have gotten that one also...I have been buying papers for a while now and wanted to save money by doing my own...about four years ago I read a different blog post about these and like you I could never find I will be saving lots of money on paper if they would make one for the diamonds!

Maggie ST said...

I've been doing hexies ala Bonnie Hunter since January. I got my 3/4 in punch last year from Stampin' Up. For the paper I do as Bonnie Hunter suggested: using the post card inserts in magazines :) Have fun...

Karen said...

I didn't know there was such a tool. Interesting.

Vicki H said...

Thanks to your post, I picked up the largest punch at Joanns last weekend. I have several hexies punched out and will be starting a project soon.