Monday, September 30, 2013

Highlights from the 2013 Jacksonville Quilt Fest

Last Thursday I attended my first quilt show in Florida!  I've really been wanting to go to a show and there just aren't any Florida during the summer.  Not that I could find at least.

Jacksonville Quilt Fest is an annual show put together jointly by seven area quilt guilds.  With the rising cost of everything, I think this was a very wise decision on their part.  And could be an option for small guilds all over.

Anyway...let's look at some of my favorite quilts.  I apologize in advance for not getting information about the quilter.  I don't know where my head was.   So if you see a quilt you recognize, please feel free to share information about the quilt in the comments section.

Let's start the show...

A "+ and x" quilt done in Kaffe...AWESOME!

I took a picture of this one because I made a quilt very similar and I like the
way this one was quilted...possible quilting inspiration for later.

Great use of small pieces

This quilt was done in a mix of prints and batik solids and hand quilted.

This was one of my original design inspired by her husband.

I loved the use of color in this quilt...the rusty Fall tones were gorgeous!

Got scraps?!

I have to admit that I've never been particularly inspired by this quilt pattern
because it's not my style.  But the quilting on this quilt was ridiculous a really good way.  Here are a couple detail shots.

Just a really pretty quilt

I love wholecloth quilts...even small ones.

Yet another fabulous applique quilt

Another quilt done in prints and batiks...the soft pastels are just awesome!

The cherubs are 2" square!!!

This quilt is not even 18" square....ugh.

Doesn't this quilt make you feel happy?

This one was probably my favorite.  Between the piecing
and the fabric selection, it was just a win for me.
And last but not least...a booty shot...of the quilty kind!
I'm proud to say that minus the pattern and four fat quarters, everything I bought was on sale.  There was one particular booth that was selling repros at $2 and $3.50 a half yard.  I could have bought LOTS more but I'm trying to save all I can for next month's trip to Houston...YaY...can't wait!
Till next time...


Cardygirl said...

Great quilts, I would love to do a x + quilt!

Betsy said...

Monica I attend this show every year and I love it. The quilt with the big sun is celestial dreams by Susan Powell . The pattern is available at glorious appliqué and I have been wanting to make it for a long time but did not realize how beautiful it was until I went to,the show. In Florida we will have the sewing expo in march in Lakeland.

Kindred Quilts said...

Thanks for sharing... always fun to see what quilters are making!

Carol from Panama said...

The first quilt is mine. I was there and took some pics but I think yours are better than mine:-)

This is the text on my comments card:


Carol Skinner
Republic of Panama

This quilt was an entry in the “Homage To Kaffe” challenge in Merzig, Germany in the Spring of 2013.

The challenge rules stated that you could only use Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and Philip Jacobs’ fabric to supplement the five Kaffe challenge fabrics.

Counting the borders and the backing I used a total of 386 different fabrics in this quilt. It was mahine pieced.

This block is attributed to Nancy Cabot, 1938 and is called Spool. It is also referred to as the Japanese X and + block from a quilt made by Setsuko Inagawa from the 2011Tokyo Quilt Festival.

Machine quilted by Pam Burnham.

Heather said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I wanted to go to this show as I have recently moved to Florida and have been looking for some quilty fun. Sadly I had to have back surgery 2 weeks ago so I am afraid the fun will have to wait!

Lynette said...

Thank you for sharing. :) I saw a couple quilts by blog friends of mine in your line-up - fun!! I can't believe how small those cherubs are - or that one >18 incher!! WHOA!

Becky said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! This is one quilt show I hope to attend one day!