Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I guess I should explain...

...my absence.  Well...I've been here...
Yep...that's right.  We're packing up the house and the pets and leaving Texas for Florida.
This has been in the works for a while and is a big reason why I've been MIA so much the past couple months. We've been busy sorting through stuff and deciding what to take, what to donate, and what to toss. You don't realize how much you really own until you decide to move. This move has really motivated me to declutter and simplify my life.
Anyway...back to Florida.  Last month I flew to Florida to get familiar with the area and start looking for a home.  Immediately upon arriving there it because obvious to me why so many people love Florida...blue skies, gorgeous weather, and green everywhere you look.
Here are a couple of beach still shots from Hutchinson Island.


 Admittedly, I spent more time at the the beach than I spent house hunting. 
I collected shells and sea glass...one day's haul.
I saw a lot of birds.
And I saw a couple of things I couldn't identify.
I learned this is Man o' War.

 I still don't know what this is.  It looks like a vacuum hose to me...LOL.
Overall it was a fabulous trip and I can't wait to move.  The movers will be here on the 26th
to pack our things and by the 29th we'll on the road, heading for Florida.  
So if you don't see me around for a while, now you know why. 
Till next time...


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Safe journey!

baukje said...

Lucky you!!!!! beautiful pctures

Strlady said...

What!? Say it ain't so! The Lone Star state will miss you!
Funny that although we have never met it was always nice to know you were seeing the same stuff I was seeing and could pipe up with an opinion. lol!
I have a good hoard of family in Florida so I know what you mean about the lovely weather and blue skies.
How did your house hunting go? Are you moving cold turkey or do you have friends and family to cushion your landing? I hope your move is safe and uneventful.

Laura said...

What a beautiful place. I can see why you want to move there. A a teaching conference I learned about that last picture. It looks like what baby conch come from. Apparently they are not that easy to come across. I hope you enjoy your new home.

cullerit2 said...

Your vacuum hose is a Whelk shell egg casing - also called a "mermaid's necklace". Look inside and you can see tiny little whelks.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Florida! That vacuum hose-thingy is an egg case from the lightning whelk, a lovely seashell. Stay far away from those man o' wars, and watch out for jellyfish on the beach, too. We do have some less-than-friendly critters here, but most of us are very pleasant. I'm sure you'll like it here.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow~ that's a big move! I don't envy you the packing one bit! LOL Safe travels!

Kindred Quilts said...

Sunshine and blue skies, sandy beaches, pretty sea shells... all great reasons to move to Florida! Best of luck to you!