Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I've been on a bit of a fabric bender lately

...and I think I'm addicted. 

I've stopped buying my beloved Civil War fabrics for the moment because they are coming out my ears thanks to purchases from Whittles.  So I've turned my eye to other "stash enhancements."

  I need a 12 Step group ASAP!

Fabulous Denyse Schmidt Fabric Goodess
(Flea Market Fancy, Chicopee, Hope Valley, and anything I can get my hands on at JoAnn's)

Gorgeous Solids!
(too many ideas for these beauties and not enough of it to do them all...argh!)

Oval Elements by Pat Bravo
(from Moona Fabrics via Red Pepper Quilts)

What is it that you love but buy too much of?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I like to keep a lot of pre-cuts and FQs handy - but they are used very quickly. Yardage only comes in for backing or my staple Konas (bolts)and muslin. I don't stock pile - I use it.

Karen said...

Can I come play? The piles of fabric look delightful.
I need Civil War style fabrics for my collection. I have a bunch but not enough of a bunch.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Ooooh swoon You are making me drool!! Love your new additions!! I buy too many black and whites~ I need to figure out a quilt soon! :-)

Kristie said...

They are all so pretty! I'm drooling! LOL! So when you are buying just for stash enhancement, how much yardage do you usually buy? Just wondering. :)

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

Yummy! Its good were all infected so we dont look stupid! Can I say how smart to put the DS up front! And I love oval elements! BTW if you missed and lines of DS at Joanns check my etsy store. I still have FQ packs of some lines.

Gale, Ky quilter said...

Wow! My heart belongs to Civil War prints but when I saw this beautiful stash it skipped a beat. Beautiful. I am only an hours drive away from Whittles and I have to be very careful down there. Love that place.

Dora, the Quilter said...

8-D! Of course I buy too much fabric! Love the stuff!
Interesting to see you mention Whittles--I've been eying their fabrics for at least two years and finally placed an order last week!

Phyllis said...

Oh, how wonderful!
I am going thru the same phase, piles of CW fabric & ready for something new... but fabric is expensive over here, so am holding out a bit ... but you enjoy, I look forward to seeing some projects on your blog!

Deanna said...

Those truly are lovely solids. If you 12-step plan involves reduction of inventory, I could find them a happy home.

Irina said...

rock on girl! this is what I call a stash!

ytsmom said...

Wow, you really were a naughty kitten! They look great! I tend to buy halves because I hate to use it up in just one project!!