Sunday, March 18, 2012

Highlights from the 2012 Dallas Quilt Show - Applique Quilts

Best of Show
Redbud Ramble
by Linda M. Roy

Folk Art in Bloom
by Richard Larson

by Suzanne Marshall

Vintage Valentine Variation
by Jane Kahlig

Journey's End
by Sally Magee

Watermelon Time
by Janet Brown

by Joyce Saia

Sheep Wannabe
by Debora Konchinsky

The Vegetable I Hate
by Linda Neal

Summer in Canada
by Soo Yeon Kim

Indian Blanket/Firewheel
by Joe Ellen Ticknor

Venetian Menagerie
by Melissa Sobotka

Almost to Conway
by Janet Gurley

Cottage Garden
by Carolyn Davis

My Primitive Garden
by Martha Lindberg

Birds of a Feather
by Sharon Bowman

Magical Medallions
by Janice Bentley

Art Nouveau Garden
by Terry Reese

Belles Fleurs
by Jane Chance

Purple Audrey
by Teresa Sherling

Texas Horned Lizard
by Carol Morrissey


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow! I had to do a triple-take on Venetian Menagerie! That must have been a real stunner in 'real life'! Thanks for the quilt show!! :-)

Karen said...

I like how you grouped the applique quilts together for a post. I thoroughly enjoyed the look through at them.

Browndirtcottage said...

Wow! I loved ALL of them!! If only I could be so gifted to one day do a quilt as stunning as these!!
Thanks for sharing!

Janet said...

What incredible quilts, I'm so glad I stopped by.