Thursday, July 21, 2011

Which way did I go?

I've got so much going on I don't know whether I'm coming or going half the time. 

There's just so many things that catch my eye.  And I think "I HAVE to do that!"  I won't live long enough to do all the quilts and other projects I want to do...but I'm sure going to try.

So's what my ADD self has been up to the past week.

I've completed the pieces for 20 spiderweb blocks and have started putting them together.  These darn blocks are sooooooo addictive! 

Because I was running out of this particular red fabric, I thought I was going to have to finish at 20 blocks.  Then I took a a fateful trip over to one of our area shops and found more!  I'm not sure how many more blocks to make.   I figure this will be a long term project that I'll just keep adding scraps to.  When this next two yards of red is gone then maybe I'll be done.

Last week I started ANOTHER Portobello Market quilt.  This one will be my third for the shop!  It sells so well that it decided that I make another one just for Houston Quilt Festival.  I am using Paula Barnes' new line Greystone...with a few oddballs thrown in for more variety.  This is the first block.

For anyone interested this block is actually called Columbian Star.  It is only called Portobello Market because that's the name Moda published the free pattern under.   They are published using the name of the fabric line usually.

By the time I'm done making this quilt forever I'll have made it more than half a dozen time...because I have fabrics set aside for other ones using this pattern and ideas for an 30's and Kaffee one also.  I'm a glutton for punishment I tell you.

Question...would anyone be interested in learning how to make this block?  It's much easier than it looks.  I promise.

And lastly, yesterday I spent the morning and early afternoon tracing and coloring this little beauty.  It is Which Witche's Boot by Crabapple Hill Studio.

The surrounding blocks and fabrics will be Civil War prints to give it a more vintage look.  The fabrics are from Jo Morton's new line Carolina...with a couple Paul Barnes prints thrown in.  And even though some of the embroidery threads used for this quilt are pretty bright, I'm thinking the darker Civil War prints will help tone them down a bit...fingers crossed.

Till next time...


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Oh my gosh! You are such a temptress!! I am so going to make string blocks as soon as I get some fabric for the solid! And I love the star~ yes, indeed I would love to know how you made it! And the boot is adorable!! You will have fun stitching that one! Have a happy day!!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable ! This beautiful star is easy to make ? I would like to know the secret!
Have a happy and nice day

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy...I sometimes feel the same week is gone and yet I don't feel like I accomplished anything in it!

That Columbian Star is amazing. =)

quiptowngirl said...

I made a table runner with 3 stars using that star pattern with the Kansas Troubles Perennials fabric. I was so pleased with the way it turned out, I even liked the quilting I did!! :) I did alot of un-sewing to get the points to line up perfectly, but it was worth it and it was a good learning experience.

Lori said...

You do have a few different projects going on. They all are fantastic!!

Lynette said...

Haha!!! I struggle with Quilt ADD, myself. I am HORRIBLE in a quilt shop. And I have to step in today, which is a bad thing because I've been blue all week, so I'll be particularly weak. Maybe I'll take my current WIP with me to keep IN MY HAND and REMIND ME noooo more new things. None. Whatsoever. Pick up the BOM packet for Beachwalk, get the thread I need, order the new freemotion foot I would like better, and GET OUT. lol :D

Having said that - the red in your string quilt blocks is so striking, I would *love* to do one of those next year. Would it bother you if I bookmark the idea for when my UFOs are at a sane number?

Miriam said...

I love your Columbian Star block.

Those spider web blocks look tempting too!

I also have a loooong list of quilts I would love to make.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I would be interested in the columbian star block. I love stars. I have quilt idea ADD. I just never get my ideas from my brain to my hands.

Fleurette said...

The columbian star is lovely and so are the spider web blocks - love the bright colours. Witches boot is going to be gorgeous! Wonderful projects.