Friday, June 17, 2011

Anyone up for a fabric swap?

I've been mulling over an idea in my head for a few days now and I'm wondering what you think.

First, a little background.  As some of you know I love scrap quilts.  If I'm not working on a sample quilt for the shop, I'm usually working on a scrap quilt similar to the one pictured above.  For scrap quilting I have a system wherein I buy fat quarters and split them in half into fat eighths.  One goes in my "scrap" bin and one is stored for later use. 

This system allows me more variety without having to deal with loads and loads of fat quarters.  My Civil War bin alone has several hundred different fabrics.  Now can you imagine how much room all those fat quarters would take?  And all the constant unfolding and refolding?

So what I'd like to do is have a Fat Eight Swap limited to 8 to 16 people.  So at most it would be a 2 yard purchase plus postage to participate. 

Option One would be a one time swap where we pick a style (Modern or Civil War because these are the ones I really like) and the color is up to each person.  Another way would be to just assign each person a color to shop for. have a small stash in a variety of colors to play with.

Option Two would be a longer commitment.  For this one we would commit to a style and each month (for no more than 12 months) we focus on one color.  With this swap you would receive tons more variety. 

I am particularly fond of option two because I really want to start collecting more modern prints like the ones in my last post.  What you saw in my last post is the full extent of my modern print collection.  Option two would help build a good usable stash for anyone just starting to collect...over even someone wanting to add to their existing stash for that matter.

So...thoughts?  If you might be interested please leave a comment telling me:
  • Which option is more appealing?
  • A 8-person or 16-person group?
  • And what style...Modern or Civil War?
And we'll just see if we can get something going!  If you know anyone else that might be interested just send them this way.

Chat with y'all soon!


Hilachas said...

Great idea. I'm making a Dear Jane and would love to have more Civil War fabric so I vote for Civil War. Either of the options is fine with me but 8 seems like a more managable number if we go with Option 2 of trading for a year. If we go with Option 1 of the one-time swap, then 16 would be nice. Either way, I would like to participate.

Coloradolady said...

I'm game for either option.....sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Jeanne said...

I absolutely love that quilt! I'd be interested in the Civil War fabric swap.