Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am exhausted...

..but alive. 

My first Market was fantastic and what an overwhelming experience it was!  There was soooooo much to see that it just boggled my mind.  I came home with new fabrics, patterns, and ideas...ohhhh and at least half a dozen free totebags.

Friday was Schoolhouse hosted by Marti Michell.  From 10 to 6, various classes were offered in 15 to 30 minutes sessions.  I wish I had had the thought to pull out my camera sooner...like when I was sitting in Kaffe Fasset's session.  Anyway...here are a few of the photos I took.

Thangles Fat Quarter Quilts

Gundren Erla's new fabric line Flair and her pattern Flair Fiesta...what a fun lady she is!

The fantastic Jo Morton and some of her wonderful quilts!

Denise Lipscomb's new BOM called Patriots and Petticoats.

And then it was time for the actual Market on Saturday and Sunday with 24 aisles of quilting goodness.  You have no idea how much is out there in the quilting world until you attend Market.

And having never been to one of these events before, it was just all very surreal...like realizing how tall Eleanor Burns and Amy Butler are...or seeing Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mably having lunch a couple of tables away or Ricky Tim's in his quilted chaps on Halloween...or seeing how stunningly pretty Alex Anderson is...or Ty Pennington in the flesh...or how about Laurie Simpson browsing antique quilts at a booth (even famous quilt designers like to buy other's quilts)! 

All the designers I have been reading about and buying book and patterns from were there.  These people are celebrities of the quilting world...and [insert big sigh] I had a groupie moment.  Before I left for Market I told myself I would not have a groupie moment because quilt celebrities are just normal people like the rest of us. 

Then I met Carrie Nelson!

Carrie is the most fantastic person I think I've ever met!  She is so warm and friendly and just the sweetest person on the planet.  (Darlene...I am so envious that y'all are friends *wink*).  I could go on forever gushing about Carrie.  While she didn't introduce anything new at market, I had a fantastic time chatting with her anyway.  She says that she'll be unveiling some new in January.  In the meantime check out Carrie's new book A Touch of Rosie.

I have more pictures to share but I'll do that in another post as this one is long enough...so stay tuned!


Yvette said...

I am sooooooo jealous! It looks like you had a fantastic time. I look forward to hearing more. Don't forget to show us what you bought.

Irina said...

oh! they all look so amazing! I think I would ask for residency and plant a tent in the middle of that market!!!!!

Jocelyn said...

This just sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

jednoiglec said...

ohhhh I wish I could be there! For sure you've got wonderful weekend!

Darlene said...

Fabulous pictures! Thank you for taking us along. :-)

What you see is what you get with Carrie - she's a very good friend. :-)