Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Look What Santa Brought (sorta)

...a HQ16 ProStitcher! 


For the past couple of years my DH has been mulling over the idea of learning to longarm quilt so when he retires he can have an extra income.  Well that is not for a long time.  But recently we were offered an opportunity to purchase this machine for a VERY good price.  It had only been used three times and it came with the ProStitcher which is a computerized quilting unit that'll do the quilting for you.  It's a great little machine.  My only criticism is the rollers.  They're pretty skinny and bendy.  We're looking at buying a better frame for it and in the mean time are putting dowels in the existing bars to minimize the bending.

We've had it for about a month now.  DH has quilted four quilts already.  He hasn't tried out the ProStitcher yet but he's not far off from doing it.  Me?  I've quilted none.  I have too many other things I want to to do.  Standing at the longarm just isn't one of the them.

Yesterday I spent the day in my room playing with 60 degree diamonds I cut from a batik jelly roll. 

I still have 12 sets to sew then I'll decide what to do with them.  For now I'm just enjoying looking at them on the design wall.

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