Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Breathe

Life is way too hectic right now.  I'm not sure I've mentioned this before but for the past two years I've been co-chairing our guild's next quilt show which is coming up this weekend.  It's been a long process...lots of planning and doing. 

The past few weeks have been crazy busy.  Checking and rechecking everything to make sure nothing has been missed.  I've 99.9% of the written materials for this show...from the letters inviting vendors to the entry forms to the programs and everything else in between.  Lately I've been busy writing the program that will be handed out.  Then printing and putting together 500 copies.  My friend Donna came by one day and helped me staple them all together.

On top of all that I've been teaching also.  Teaching is a nice break from all the quilt show stuff.  Its time I can just relax and engage in the activity I love the most, quilting.  If you had told me twelve years ago when I started quilting that one day I'd be teaching others how to do it, I would have to you that you're crazy.  I used to be horribly shy in front of strangers.  Shoot I barely passed speech class in high school with a D- because I was so shy and couldn't talk in front of others.  I guess with age comes confidence and knowing what you're doing doesn't hurt either.

Anyway, I'm rambling.  One more class this morning and then its all quilt show till the end of the weekend.  I will try to take some pictures this weekend and post them on Monday.  And by Monday I'll be free to go back to doing whatever I want.  I'm thinking some hand embroidering and quilting is in order (and desperately needed)...in pajamas.

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