Monday, July 5, 2010


Sooooo...yesterday Karen of Log Cabin Quilter posted a mini "How To" for making 8-pointed stars without Y seams from the book Star By Magib by Nancy Johnson-Srebro.  I had started making stars from that very same book 4 YEARS ago but somewhere along the way got distracted by some other project or two...or three.  ADD can be such a pain in the "you know what" sometimes!

The point is, Karen's post inspired me to pull out those blocks again.  While I don't have time right now to work on them, I thought share a picture of what I have so far.

Most of the fabrics used were purchased from Fabric Depot in Portland, OR, during one of their huge sales.  If you've never visited their website, you've been missing out.  They have huge sales often that are worth checking out. 

Anyway...I'm not sure how big the quilt will turn out to be.  I'm just kinda going with the flow.  I have enough pieces cut to make another six or seven blocks.  So stayed tuned and maybe by the end of August I'll have some more blocks to share...yeah right...LOL.


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

It looks great! I love stars! :-)

Jen BK said...

Oooohhh! I love it! Good luck with you other blogging venture. I'll be curious to see how that comes out.

Anonymous said...

I spotted these at Karen's post as well and now have added the book to my want list! Especially now after seeing your quilt top! It is coming along beautifully!!!